Monday, September 27, 2010

OAuth A win-win situation !!

Every web page we browse now a days invariably has a Face Book / Twitter connect and now a days even others such as RSS Feed and Blogs. A Live example would me our FLORES MBA homepage

Till now all these application were using their own set of API's for allowing them to authenticate and sign in the user. But now a new trend is emerging with a standardized token called the OAuth being used. Recently Twitter made this mandatory [though previously OAuth was one of the possible options]. Also, Face book had its own customized API, but now even are moving to the OAuth token. And we can see Google is also catching up in this race : Google Adds OAuth Support to Google Apps

The possible conclusion we can draw is; Since connecting using Socialization/ networking Website apps is growing, the top players want to be accessible and available. Hence, many of them are moving to a standard for connecting to thier apps!!! So this would be an ideal example of Supply Push where customers are buying the OAuth!!!

On the other hand, previous version of the OAuth token had many data and security issues. Such as the data of a logged in user was passed from one page to another page in the URL!!! Now we see due to the pressure of maintaining high security of users data OAuth Tokens have been modified to meet the customer requirements. This would be an ideal example of Demand Pull where the supplier changes as per the customer requirements.

Hence, by establishing a harmony between the supply push and demand pull we can attain a state of win-win situation the supplier and the customers!!

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