Monday, September 13, 2010

Mergers & Acquisitions impact on the e-World

Its been close to a year since I attend a session in my previous organization about "EAI - Enterprise Application Integration". The lady who conducted the session gave an insight on the upcoming trends in the IT world. Now after knowing about emerging trends in IT, I can appreciate the session even more.

With over decades of software development and with astronomical amount of data been transacted, stored, analyzed, data-warehoused and data-mined, the IT industry has almost stagnated with respect to development of new software. The ones which are new ; basically provide out of box features to the existing software. There is nothing much left to newly invent in software. So the next challenge IT is facing is the Integration of these applications. This is because the business world is now all about Mergers & Acquisitions.

Hence, the true challenge lies in the fact that how IT can enable smooth transition and integration of various business process across different organization merging. This would reflect the potential role IT plays in any organization.

I wouldn't be surprised if SAP ( leader in proving tools and apps for this purpose) emerging as the biggest entity overtaking giants such as Microsoft and Sun-MircoSystems!!


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  2. .There could be lot left for the new venture in IT. But we may not know what's coming next.

    .There is no more Sun-MircoSystems!! It's ORACLE now !!!