Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tweets becoming more Feeble!

It was about 8-9 months ago when I, 1st started using twitter. What intrigued me to use it was a political drama that happened around that time. "Tweets" of Twitter was the one that ignited it. The hype for Twitter was so much that , it was becoming more popular than blogging amongst many users.

Now after having been a faithful user of Twitter for a couple of months, I have released the Twitter is fading away.

Of the 10 people I follow, hardly 1-2 tweet once in fortnight. The tweets are so short and less informative that, it never really calls for a conversation/ re tweeting. I have been tweeting regular, but the response to my tweets have declined drastically over the months. The Tweets are almost same as status update feature provided by Orkut/ Facebook. So why bother to log in to Twitter Application and do it? While there is no response or active users who follow you. This is the exact conclusion drawn by the social media analytics company Sysomos posed in a survey.

I wonder if Twitter is an example of Bleeding Edge Technology. For all the hype it had created during its infancy, it should by now have out performed other socializing and communication based competitors such as FaceBook, Blogs, Orkut.

Eager to see what steps the Twitter takes to get back to business. Would it go for a process re-engineering or a process-improvement approach?

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