Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why Oracle concentrating on new bee "Techies" ?!

As we all know Oracle is a huge organization in the world of hardware and software. And it is a known fact that they are always open minded in terms of expanding their business not only geographically but also with respect to technologies. So it was no surprise when they bought Sun Microsystems. In continuation to this, they are providing a Student Coders Free Access to JavaOne.

This comes as a surprise for many, who know that oracle was a customer oriented company; their main focus is to generate maximum profits from their in house tools. Hence, the very fact that Oracle is trying to access students with its technologies is an eyebrow raising topic. My view point on this is:

The e- world market is very competent. In fact when Google is pressurized with competition then none are spared :-). Hence to stay in market and to be popular just like many other companies such as Microsoft, Oracle needs a good marketing strategy.

Microsoft does its bit of advertising by giving free Beta version software’s to students and programmers who belong to the category of perspective employees & customers. I am also one amongst the beneficiaries who not only got to know about the latest offerings of Microsoft but also ended up developing web application using their tools and technologies. I also am a customer for life time with them, just because I am accustomed to their products. I believe, oracle is taking its first baby step towards exploring this idea of marketing!!

Well, the next thought is, why advertise it to students? Why not do it within corporate employees, customers etc. It is most unlikely that once a person is well versed and familiar with a certain tool or technology, he/ she would opt for a switch. Hence, by educating the students and providing them with hands on experience Oracle might be trying to add Dedicated Users / Customers into its list.

And the next reason might be, there is amplification of advertising their products, by exposing it to students. Since, students are very active in their social networks, and through word of mouth the amount of information spread is astronomical!!

Last but not the least; I guess Oracle wants to remove the idea from people's mind that it is not "developer friendly". So this might be their first attempt toward breaking the taboo.

P.S : I would like to dedicate this post to all my friends who work as oracle :

1. Abhijith Jain
2. Sindhuja S
3. Sachin H. B
4. Apeksha Mahesh

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