Monday, November 15, 2010

Technical fit between "Technologies"

I use Google chrome because it is light weight & an open source browser! I use Face book since it is the best socializing network site I have come across! Is it possible to get the best of these two and fit it together? Off course it is possible, and that is exactly what RockMelt is all about.

If you think in these lines, then what would happen if we bring about the best of each technology and fit them with each other! Wow, the sky is the limit for such innovations! We have just taken our first baby step towards innovation within technologies rather than adapting/ re engineering them.

However, for me Chrome still has some bugs that are not so user friendly. For example:
1. When I need to upload pictures into Picasa, the chrome browser just allows 5 pictures at a time!!
2. A few tabs in the HDFC net banking website is invisible in chrome browser.

On the other hand, FB still has the privacy issues that needs to be handled without much account setting complications it currently offers.

Therefore, it is not only important to come up with hybrid technologies, but emphasis must also be on how to make these technologies user friendly, defect free and compatible for future growth and development of IT world. In other words creating "AVATAR" !


  1. I agree, it seems like the more we can combine multiple technological products into one, it can create a better and more efficient product. However, I think this has a limit, because once you have so many different things combined into one, it becomes burdensome and overly complicated.

  2. I definitely agree! A classical example are mobile phones...its been multi tasked so much that people use it for almost everything else other than calling :-D