Monday, November 8, 2010

Taking Globalization to the next level.

By Globalization we mean that now the whole universe has into a one single connected entity. Thanks to the latest technology and boom in the e-world. People have no limitations of physical barriers for most of their professional, personal and business activities. But, when it comes to traveling to different places many people feel they are digital crippled. This could be because of:

1. Hardware compatibility issues
2. Different vendors offering different roaming traffics for cell phones
3. Different electricity supplies

Spain & Portugal are making an attempt to ease this issue , by exempting the roaming charge for cell phones in their countries. This is looked upon as a advantage for the vendor and the customer. The vendor can make up for the loss by the increased usage of the service at the same time, the customer need not worry about roaming traffics. Hence based on the business activities between 2 countries if we try to make them more digitally compatible it could become a catalyst for further business growth and development.


  1. One, as a consumer I absolutely love the idea of no roaming charges! As a business woman, I love the idea of business growth and development. And as an open-minded person, I love the idea of increased and more intricate globalization.

    The world is getting very flat, and in my opinion this is for the best. No more isolationist policy, please! It's unnecessary. What are people hiding from? Borders are becoming nothing more than lines. And I'm extremely excited about that!

    Arpitha, let's go to India!!!

  2. Definitely Alisha!!! Geaux India!! :-)