Thursday, October 28, 2010

Multitaking with Technology

We have all seen the evolution of phone from been a land-line connection to mobile-phone! Along this process the cost of the service also has reduced at the same time various other tasks i such as SMS, Internet, radio to name a few were introduced in due course of time.

When one starts wondering, that we have hit the brim of exploring the usage of cellphones for multitasking, we see one more task that can be accomplished with cellphones. This is what AT&T has done this time.

Our Cellphone numbers are becoming our Identity and used as a surety for online shopping. They are becoming the digital dossiers not only for our personal life but also for our business life. So, where ever you shop, you just need to link your bills to the cell phone number and the amount is reflected in your phone account.

This idea can be extended so that it is similar to what Microsoft's Card Space. A single identity for all purposes whether it be for ID verification, shopping, paying utility bills. Hence user can use their cell phones alone for all personal & transaction purposes. This would be a great example of taking technology to a whole new . Though the pros of this are very lucrative, we must analyze the cons before jumping into conclusions and implementing them.


  1. Cellphone is becoming our identity... Damn... Someone please stop our Indian Government from wasting money on AADHAAR... :)

    Pitha, cell phone numbers cannot become our identity, it is simply too easy for theft.

  2. It's just like any other form of Identity Gokul. There is always a danger of theft!

  3. Cell phone numbers can be very useful for quite a few purposes, identification being one of them, but still, there is some time to pass, before we have them integrated into our ID’s (for security reasons of course). And yet, how far ahead is the time when we will have mobile operators and banks into one?