Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Owning a TV!

Recently am in the process of buying a television and using my own experience came up with some ideas for making this process hassle free -

1. The electronic stores do not usually have a browsing kiosk where buyers can quickly look up to see the reviews for the TV. Note that the reviews do not pertain to only the ratings but rather the comments, pros and cons listed by previous buyers. Buyers spend a long time standing in front of the television screen and looking up the reviews in their smart gadgets!!! Its a simple fix to expedite the buying process and also make it as customer friendly as possible. Other add on advantage can be less staff representative interaction for answering basic questions, customers feeling like they own the whole decision process and last but not the least potential increase in sales!

2. Bought the TV set, now comes the hard part of reading through the voluminous manual!!!! Most users would want to first get acquainted with the basic information before moving to exploring the advanced features. How about having an interactive visual / audio to make this happen  ? Once again this can increase the customer experience, decrease the calls to Support Centers and hopefully will create a virtuous cycle for the company brand.

3. With the initial TV set up done, the next task would be to interface various gadgets, be it a setup box, a PC / HDMI input, Ethernet, audio system or anything else the customer wishes as an add on. The amount of wires, tracking the connection and the complexity of connections is beyond one's expectation of how the modern day gadgets should ideally interact. Some simple solutions could be - Having  a universal central hub for all interfaces (  does not decrease the number of wires / interfaces, but it would at-least be just one point where customers would be able to make changes rather that touching each gadget separately, once the initial set up is done), the other one is a more recent still in progress technology; the idea of making all the electronic devices smart and wi-fi connected!

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