Monday, February 17, 2014

Starbucks Travel Mugs - Design evolution!

Was at Starbucks this Saturday and been an avid travel mugs collector, I happen to browse through the latest displays of merchandise at the store.

The one travel mug that caught my attention was the stainless steel tall size coffee mug with a plastic top and no handle.

Current Version

This is definitely going to be the next item I buy at Starbucks for sure! 

The current one I am using is a stainless steel grande size coffee mug with a plastic top and a handle. I bought this one because it was stainless steel and much safer than the plastic coffee mug I was using earlier. The size of the mug was also much smaller than the older one which was also one of the important factors in my decision. Though extremely happy with this, I never really understood the need or necessity of having a handle. The handle really bothers since it does not fit well to the side of my bag pack or mug holder in the car. The two places where I would place my travel mug most of the time. Hence the newer design which is again much smaller and handle free wins me!

Previous Version

Old Version

Things I would consider improving in the current version are - 

1. Having an air tight lid which will avoid liquid spillages and which would help keep the liquid hot for a longer time

2. A substitute to the plastic lid with something that is much more safer and eco-friendly

3. Varying sizes to meet customer needs with a measuring scale

4. Something unique or eye catching on the mug that reminds me not to leave it in random places! :-)

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