Tuesday, January 21, 2014


So as mentioned in my previous blog.. I am rekindling this blog spot to learn and share my thoughts on technology, product management and product design... I have a list of companies I would want to blog about... here is the 1st glance of the list..in the mean time if I come across something that is off track I may drop in that as well so don't be surprised by it...

Since this is more like an experimentation I might probably not have a set pattern to my blogs on each of these companies... and the list here as mentioned before is a 1st draft and may change / alter over due course....

Enterprise Based
Consume & Enterprise Based
Consumer Based

No Companies
1 Microsoft
2 Cisco Systems
4 Thomson Reuters
5 Oracle
6 Hewlett-Packard
7 NetApp
8 Symantec
9 Google
10 Amazon.com
11 eBay Inc.
12 Yahoo
13 Zynga
14 Intuit
15 Rain Bird
16 Adobe
17 Autodesk
18 Motorola Mobility
19 Wells Fargo
20 Facebook

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