Friday, August 27, 2010

Hey Guys & Gals,

I have created this blog for my MBA Fall 2010 Subject - Information System. I just wanted to let the readers and followers know about the title of the blog. When I was creating this blog, I thought the reason behind creating it. And the first thing that striked my mind was "Effective Communication" using this blog. Well, the word Effective Communication is so common in the MBA field and we hear it day in day out. Hence, in order to make it sound more inquisitive, I did a translation of this to Sanskrit; The oldest language in India, from which most of the other regional languages are derived. Therefore, I have "Artha Acaksa" as the URL and Blog name.

Artha -> Effective
AcakSa -> Communication.

I still am not sure, what topics I would be blogging about. But do watch out this space for regular blogs which would improve my communication skills and the readers knowledge [ Hope SO!!!].


  1. coool ...Now that I have started reading your blog word which I dont do :) take it as a credit :) :P

  2. :-). Unfortunately you don't have any say on my "credit" points for this course!!! ;-)